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Elairian World

Elairian World is a fantasy universe where my stories and creations live.

Pretty Useless Vaah lady 1.12.png

Pretty Useless

My first *semi* finished TRPG project.

"Pretty Useless is a humorous dive into the life of stunningly beautiful fantasy creatures. Being pretty might make life easier but being useless sure as hell doesn't and as modelling is made illegal you are faced with an unexpected challenge of making yourself useful before people realize you are not."

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People & Creatures

My universe builds around typical fantasy creatures with a special twist. While you can expect a traditional fantasy aesthetic from my universe, everyone and everything will have something special of my own making in them.

Läppäländ mäp 1.0.png


Not Lapland but Läppäländ. Läppä is a Finnish word that translates to a joke in English.

This kingdom is built on memes and leans into the comedic side of tabletop roleplaying.

Elairian World system...

...Elairian World TRPG system builds around 8 main attributes that work as components in your skills, hit points and modifiers. The system aim to be realistic and intuitive while staying as simple as possible. Everything eventually comes back to our eight main attributes, which include 4 physical and 4 psychological attributes which are listed below.

Physical attributes

Psychological attributes

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